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I think I finally got them right.

First there’s Queeny’s sire. I had to change his design a bit so he could look more like a Tobiano. Then Queeny’s dam, who nearly killed me with all those spots. And finally Queeny herself.

Probably makes you wonder why the hell a black mare and a bay stallion will have a grey offspring, but I thought there’d be a roan gene somewhere making Queeny a blue roan. :) And that, of course, came from hours and hours searching about genes and percentage of probability. There was a moment where the dam was bay and the sire was black with dapples I guess and it was a mess.

I think they can be official designs now. I just need names. Goddamn names.

Edit: Thanks Tumblr for blurring the shit out of my pics. I see you picked Queeny as your favourite and left her the good quality. Good choice.